Saturday, May 30, 2009

"...Last Train to Clarkston..." (Part 1 of 3)

OK, it wasn't a train; it was a couple motor "sickles" (as Dirt would say), And it was Clarkston, WA (not Clarksville). And it was the best bike trip I've been on yet (except that Mrs. WingMaster wasn't on the back to massage my stiff neck).

We left Friday at 0900 with full hearts and full tanks and headed for White Pass... ( Yes, that's K.T. and his "vintage" '81 Honda CX500 Custom- the "custom" part is the rust and bent hard-parts) Will it survive 750 mile round-trip?
1st fuel stop was Packwood and then on through Yakima (following Hwy 12 E) to the next fuel depot- Grainger
Then on through Richland until we got off the beaten path and headed for the Umatilla Wilderness. (I wish I had stopped and taken more pics on the way there, but the ride and scenery were so awesome that I got lost in the joy of it all.

And finally (8 hours later) we arrive at our destination, Clarkston, WA, to spend some time with one of my oldest & dearest friends, Dan-the Man (confirmed Cager, guitar-player, singer-songwriter and all-around great guy). I know- I should have taken more pics! So, K.T.'s Death-Cheater made the first half of the ride; will it survive the scourching heat and miles of sagebrush, asphalt and oil-mat on the ride back? Stay tuned for Part 2 of the "Last Train to Clarkston" (A lot more pics in the next two parts).