Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meet My "Ex-"

My Ford Ex-pedition, that is; fondly referred to as the "Long-Range Pheasant Assault Vehicle (LRPA for short). LeRPA has been feeling sorely neglected for the past few months. It seems that his thirsty 5.4 liter Triton V-8 (13.5 mpg) just can't compete with the throaty rumble of an 88 cubic in. V-Twin Harley with Sequential Port Fuel Injection, Stage 1 Fuel Mapping, 2-into-1 Hooker exhaust and and lean 40+ mpg in the Big City!

Now that all you ladies have slipped into a catatonic state, induced by male technical gobble-d-geek, let me get to the point.

Today is the first day in many weeks that I have driven my "Ex" to work. The rain in today's forecast, coupled with the fact that I was riding almost as many hours this week-end as I was awake, prompted me to leave the bike in the garage and fire up the LeRPA. I had to turn it over last night just to make sure it would start. It was then that I realized that (since the end of March) I have put almost 3-times more miles on the Harley than on the LeRPA. At an average of less than 500 miles per month, My old "Ex" just might last a few more years. But then again, Pheasant Season opens soon!

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Lanny said...

Ah, pheasant in the grass translates to pheasant next to glass. Yum, the fork is in my hand.