Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grandpa? Grandma?

After 7 months of sharing our lives with our oldest son, his wife and their son and 3 months with our daughter and her two rambuncious toddlers, we are coming to the realization that the "empty nest" is not a term we will be using to describe our lives any time soon. The crew will be coming soon to start repairing the damage to drywall, carpet & paint in the aftermath of the "Jones Gang".
We miss the little "demolition team" terribly since reuniting them with their daddy who was dodging bullets in Afghanistan before his return in early Dec. and we are looking forward to the time when they live closer then 1200 miles away (we made that trip 4 times last year).

Brayden (pictured above) DOES live much closer (15 min.) and we will be helping his mommy while she travels to Seattle off-n-on for the next couple months to get some mandatory training on a new computer system (normally, she tele-commutes from home).

Brayden LOVES his guitar. He also LOVES to climb up on the piano bench an pound an original composition of his own creation (with an ear-2-ear grin on his face). He's not bad on the drums, either.

Well, I always wanted to play in a rock band; maybe I'll just "grow my own" with the Grand-kids.


KathyB. said...

That is a great idea, grow your own rock band!The raw talent and desire is there, you just have to watch them watch you Grandpa ( and that is precious), and know they're up for it!

Anonymous said...

It is Grandson, BraydEN, not BraydON :) Grandpa!!!!

WingMaster said...

I think I'm entitled to one mis-spelling since his Mom mis-spelled his name on the birth announcements. ;-)

Anonymous said...

His Mommy mis-spelled his middle name, not his frist name. And a lot of good narcotics was in Mommy's blood stream :) Nice Try LOL hahah muaaahhha

Mrs. Mike said...

Yippee! for families being together and of course, remodeling! Can a home really ever be too new for minor adjustments? Jolly well NO, says I!

Lanny said...

Cute post. Cute baby, wow they spring up fast eh?!