Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Brayden Watch"

With only 24 days until the "much anticipated" arrival of Brayden William Fryer (23 days and a "wake-up"), it's time to start Brayden-Watch. While we are all excited to meet the latest little Fryer, no one is more ready than the latest "Mrs. Fryer" who has endured many physical trials, changes and involuntary diet modifications over the past few months. "Way-to-Go" Hillarie! Now you're down to the final count-down.

Several months ago, Mrs. WingMaster purchased and planted a special little rose bush for each of the grandchildren.

Who would have guessed that Brayden's rose would be the first to bloom? Hopefully, it's a sign that he'll arrive on time (or even a little early). I know that Hillarie's ready!

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KathyB. said...

What a special and precious tradition to start..a rose bush ! And, another grandson in the Fryer family. We know this little boy baby will begin his life enveloped in prayer, and live his life the same. The same as his own father and mother. Prayed for and over and about ! Can't wait to hear the good news. Jim and KathyB.