Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Jones Gang

Two weeks ago, we were blessed to be able to fly (not ride) down to Camp Pendleton, CA (home of the 1st Marine Division) to visit Mike & Carol and our 2 grandchildren, Matthew and Ava.
Matthew has more horsepower than a Harley V-Rod and runs virtually all day long (stopping only to eat and nap). He loves the "Jungle Book" movie and climbing on EVERYTHING. (Hmm, wonder where he gets the idea?)
Ava has that twinkle in her eye that just melts Grandpa's heart every time he see it. And, no, I didn't dress her in the bib; that was her Grandmother's idea!
One visit is not enough. We're working on plans for a warm, California Christmas!

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KathyB. said...

Mr. and Mrs. Wingmaster, wow ! A passel of grandchildren! And little Matthew looks as if he is ready to pontificate...or preach ! Or maybe he is just suggesting 1 more cookie for himself and his sister ?A lot of blessings for the biker family.