Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Walking In The Spirit

Have you ever tried to "walk in the Spirit" for a whole day? Have you attempted to "bring every thought captive" and abide in the Presence of Christ for 24 hours? If you have tried and were successful, please tell me more about it.

I tried to "pray without ceasing" yesterday and I don't think I even survived the Monday morning commute.

I read a great article over the weekend entitled, "Fallen From Grace" Thomas Gilson, were he first describes my spiritual condition; flat, aimless, loveless, dead.

Then he points out that the Galatians were in the same the boat. They were following the rules all right but they had "fallen from grace".

And the cure? Walk in the Spirit! Abide in Christ.

And now you know my focus for 2009; to learn live in the "Grace, By Which I Stand"


Lanny said...

At first I thought you and the missus had slipped off to the Big City!

I'm with you on this.

Wingmaster said...

Oh, no; I just threw in a stock pic of city trffic as "window dressing".

It seems like we continually dance around the meatiest issue of the Christian life; walking in the Presence of Christ. All else is "chasing the wind". And I'm getting "winded"...