Sunday, June 14, 2009

Part 2 of "...Last Train to Clarkston..."

Learning to "cool my heals" and relax has been a lesson long overdue for me (just ask Mrs. WingMaster). For many years I attacked everything like it was a job with a deadline. And, Oh, the pleasures I missed along the way; like wading in a clear creek on a hot spring day in Hell's Canyon.
Dan-Da-Man and his best friend, Lori took K.T. and I on a cage trip down the Snake River and into the north end of Hell's Canyon. Since a majority of the expedition involved gravel roads, the iron horses had to stay at the barn (gravel & chrome don't mix well).
The scenery over there is gorgeous; I love deserts, canyons, rivers and mountains and Hell's Canyon delivers all these in wild abundance.
Our first stop on the River was to let Dan and Lori show us the Petroglyphs- 500 yr old rock etchings by the Nez Pierce Indians that document a Gathering that could be described as their version of Thanksgiving. (I thought a few of them might have been added by teenagers in the "Big Hair" days of the '80's.)
Then, we pushed onward, deep into the canyon to drink in the splendor that is God's Creation.
Although this was the most blog-worthy part of "Part 2", the rest of the weekend was just as precious to me. Often, Dan would ask, "Is there anything particular you guys want to do?". We would look at each other and then reply, "No, man. We're just happy to hang out with you and relax." And that's exactly what we did. We barbecued, played music, swapped stories and reminisced about our 36 years of history together (I've known Dan since 7th grade). He is probably one of the few people in my life that I can pick up a conversion with after 10 years of silence and not feel disconnected.
I am ashamed to admit that it took a motorcycle to teach me to "enjoy the ride" along the way but I am thoroughly absorbed in the lesson and looking forward to more "field trips" as extra credit assignments.
Thanks for taking this ride with me. There's more to come in Part 3...


Lanny said...

Just yesterday I was wondering where parts two and three were! Hurray more sunny pictures just in time for my cloudy cup of coffee!

It looks like you had a very good time, I know that river well, well at least one section of it right near Pullman. I spent nearly a year swimming in it in '76-'77. It was one of the first "off campus/out of town" things I did the fall I got to Pullman and as soon as it was warm enough to abandon the pool that was our favorite cooling off spot all spring and all summer.

Even from childhood the Snake captured my attention when we traveled in the Palouse. It is such a interesting river to me partly because like the Columbia it is a state boundry for us, Idaho and Oregon. I always felt a little sorry for those states that didn't have squiggly borders, I always thought that they either didn't have any rivers or that the ones they had were puny and boring. Ah the inner workings of a kid's mind, especially when working off of her daddy's brainwashing! (he was a native Eastern Washingtonian you know).

Looking forward to hopping on the bike soon, Dirt's been riding to work and many shearing appointments but the weeds seem have me by one leg and puppies have the other. The extent of my wheeled fun has been driving the four wheeler to the pumpkin patch at six o'clock in the morning. I've been banned from the thought of ever having my own motorsickle due to scaring my young daughters when I drive!

Sorry for the long comment, guess we just miss seeing you and the Missus every week.

WingMaster said...

Mrs WingMaster & I were just talking about you guys while out on our morning walk. We miss you too. We've got some errands to run at mid-day and then maybe a ride; don't be surprised to see "Chesty" rumble up your driveway sometime soon.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Hey, I too am glad to see you're back with parts two and three! I guess great minds do think alike. :o)

Sounds like y'all had a great time, even if it was in the cage. We're doing only cage trips now until it cools off again (probably around September). SE Georgia is sooooo doggone hot!

Did you see the photos of the trip we just returned from? We hopped on our steel horses and rode to Dahlonega, GA, and met with blogging buddy "Pappy" & lovely wife "Bebe". Then we rode back down our way via extreme western South Carolina, then on home to Patterson. Whew. There were a lot of monkey butts after that one. [tee hee]

Hubby and I are sitting here with Cold Ones watching Flat Track racing on the Speed channel. It's exciting motorcycling!!

Thanks for sharing the photos. God bless. :o)

A. Joy said...

We've made that drive a couple times ourselves - I really like Hell's Canyon because it's usually nice and hot - just the way I like it! We stop for gas in Clarkston and then get on the road again.